Come and try

You are very welcome to come down in our club and try some climbing. Look at our Opening hours and Prices, if you can not come in the Opening hour, please contact us and we will try something else.

You dont have to bring any equipment, Ribe Klatre Klub has all you need to have a great time on the walls. Security is very importent for us, our belayers are all educated and experienced.

We have two kind of climbing, Rope or Boulder. Boulder climbing is without rope, on short routes (max. 4 meters) and there is a thick madress under the walls. Rope climbing is on our 10,5 meter tall walls ('Buen' is approx. 18 meter in length) and you have a belayer who secures you.

On the walls are many routes, each in its own colour. As a beginner you will surely use every grip you can reach . More experienced and stronger climbers are only climbing routes in one colour, because each route are build with a special idea or challenge.
As a beginner, just climb the 'Rainbow' route ( = all colours).

Take a look at the other pages on our website to get an idea of our facilities, look in our Historybook to see some of our many activities or where we have been climbing in Europe.

Opening hours

Monday     17.30-19.00 Youth
Wednesday 17.00-18.00 Children
  17.30-19.00 Youth

19.00-21.00 Senior
Friday 15.00-18.00 Senior
Saturday 15.00-18.00 Senior


Halfyear prices:
Children 6 - 9 year. 350 kr.
Youth 10 - 16 year 350 kr.
Senior 17 year and up
500 kr.
Registration fee
Senior  200 kr.
Fee pays for Security education K1 and K2


You find us here:

Ribehallen at Danhostel Ribe
Sct. Peders Gade 16
6760 Ribe

Official postadress:

Stefan Nauschutt
Svingelen 8
6780 Skærbæk
Mobil:  21 62 04 33 

Use our Contact page if you have any questions.